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A great month for Roach

The biggest Roach I've caught on the cut so far, weighing about a pound on 2 March.

I went back to the canal at Willington on 8 March for a few hours of drop shot fishing but the water was very cloudy and it had been cold the night before so I didn't even get a nibble!

On 16 March I was at a very quiet - just me and one other angler - Springwood Fishery on a nice Spring-like day, 9 degrees and sunny and I had a busy but relaxing day catching loads of small Roach and a few decent sized Ide.

I blanked on the canal on 23 March but on 29 March I took my nephew to Longford where we had a great day catching Roach and Skimmers in the margins, plus he managed a small Tench, about half a pound but it gave him a good fight. We started on mixed maggots for hook bait and loose feed but I took a small white loaf, flattened part of a slice with my finger and cut out small shapes which we used on size 16 hooks and managed to catch quite a few Roach. I was pretty chuffed as I’ve never had much look with bread, I’ll take my bread punch next time!


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