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Fishing can be dangerous!

This month did not start well and that's an under statement! On 1 May with the day off I decided to fish for some spring Carp on ledgered bait at Woodrows. After a few hours on the Earl water my line screamed away as they say, so I struck into what felt like a nice fish. The thing was, as I did so sitting on the ground, I lost my balance and my right elbow went into my right upper leg and I heard a snap. At first I thought I had broken my rod then realised my right foot was tilted over to the left; yes I had broken my right femur. My left foot was under my right knee with nothing supporting my right upper leg so the weight of my upper body as I lost my balance had snapped the bone. Anyway to cut a long story short I spent only four days in hospital and after having a plate fitted to fix the break was allowed home. As I can’t feel that part of my leg I was lucky in respect of the pain but had to take it easy for the first few weeks and couldn’t drive. Suffice to say I lost the fish as I was somewhat distracted and the fish came off when the line went slack.

On a brighter note! Just a few weeks later after getting cabin fever and climbing the walls at home, on 22 May I carefully fished on a nice warm day at Springwood, 20 degrees and was rewarded with 10 plus Roach and two Carp around 3-4lb.

Finally this eventful month I took my nephew fishing and enjoyed some float fishing for silvers at Kilburn Lake and landed some small Carp.

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