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Just one blank this month!

September started slowly but better than the end of August. On 2 September I fished in sunshine and showers at Mill Dam and caught Rudd, small Perch and Bream, but at least I didn’t blank.

Back on the cut on 7 September I found a nice swim between two boats at Willington and landed several Perch on maggots and worms. After a bit of practice and reading on the canal I’m getting better and I really enjoy the canal environment.

A few days later on 9 September back on the canal at Willington I did some spinning and landed some small Perch, good fun! Yet another blank on 18 September at Mill Dam, what did I say about feast or famine?!

At Beechwood on 25 September I had a really busy session. I found a quiet, sheltered peg and while the angler two pegs down landed one or two fish, I caught eight, mostly small Carp with a few about 4lb, along with loads of Perch and Roach, all on float fished red maggots. When I arrived late morning I thought there was a match on as it was so busy at one end. One angler said it wasn’t a match and no-one had caught much, so because it was so busy I went to the top end to a swim I’d not fished before, but it paid off going that bit further.

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