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EoH Charity Fancy Dress Match

The last day of June was the date for the Earl of Harrington's annual charity, fancy dress match on Allestree Lake. This year I dressed as a Frenchman, complete with a string of garlic and as always there were some great outfits. After weeks of hot, dry weather the fish weren't very active. A few nice Carp basked in the shallow water not far from my swim, but I couldn't tempt them away from their morning sun bathe. After coming 4th last year, helped by a nice Tench, I only caught a Roach and a Perch this year, but as always it was great to attend the event and be out on the bank.

My other session this month was an afternoon-evening session at Woodrows a week before the charity match. I did fairly well, landing some nice Rudd and Perch. It had been another hot day, but it cooled down a little in the afternoon leaving a pleasant evening for my partner and I to enjoy our picnic.

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