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Here we have a nice job lot - SOLD!

This month I came across a job lot of vintage tackle on Facebook.

Well, where to start? There's a wicker basket, a cantilever box containing loads of end tackle, a keep net and three umbrellas, one of which is cotton with a wooden shaft. There's two rod holdalls, a really old one which may be Efgeecco and a newer Keenets holdall. Three of the reels came in zip up cases and included a Mordex Merlin, Mitchell 300, Shakepeare, Silstar and a multiplier reel which is on a solid fibre glass boat rod. The other rods in the lot were a Black Seal, a split cane rod, two fibre glass Shakespeare rods, a two piece solid fibre glass sea rod and a bamboo rod. Four of the rods came in canvas bags including one of the Shakepeare rods in its original bag. Oh, and a load of bank sticks! Now I just need to give everything a good clean and decide what I'm going to keep

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