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Looking back and looking forward

This final month of the year was busy with work, Christmas and of course, family, so fishing took a backseat to the festivities. I did spend some time in my shed preparing tackle for the new year though and took a picture of my vintage rod pod which I'll be using in the summer.

Looking back at my plans for 2019; I did go camping and fishing which I plan to do again in 2020. I didn't fish every month, however, I'm now working part time so I should have the opportunity to get on the bank more in 2020. Also, I read Dick Walkers' Angling Theories and Practices, Past, Present and to Come which I really enjoyed. I learnt a lot about traditional baits, which I want to try when ledgering for larger fish and the 'science' aspect to fishing, air and water temperature and pressure and how it alters fish behaviour.

Looking forward to the new year, I'm planning to ledger fishing more. I've recently bought a new 4K action camera with a plugin microphone and I'm planning on more videos in the new year, so watch this space!

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