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Eh up piscators 'appy new year me ducks!

I thought I'd start the year with a bit of Derbyshire dialect! In the last few years, I must admit, I haven't done much fishing in the colder months, and as I write this month's blog, I'm watching the long-term weather forecast and spending time in my shed with the heater on sounds more appealing than being back on the bank wetting a line. When the days are short and temperatures go below 7 or 8 degrees centigrade in the day with near-freezing night-time temperatures, being warmer is much more appealing.

We're now in January and a new year, so it won't be long before the thermometer rises into milder temperatures, the days will get longer, and I'll be ready to get back on the bank, wetting a line.

Even though I've not been fishing yet this year I haven't been idle this month. I've been going through the job lot of rods and reels I bought in December and looking at which items I'm keeping; three reels and one of the rods, and the tackle that will grace the collection of other retro anglers, including the Ambidex No.1 above and the 13' fiberglass rod below.

January evenings have been amusing over a book I got for Christmas, Eric Morcombe On Fishing, and making fishing plans for 2024. I also enjoyed reading the latest issue of The Piscators Journal, which I'm pleased to say, includes an article I sent in about catching my first Eels and Pike while on holiday in Norfolk last year. You can download the issue below.

Download PDF • 22.91MB


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