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Happy new year anglers and non-anglers!

Bernard Venable's Mr Crabtree fishing without Peter!

A belated happy new year to one and all, I’ve not had much chance to go fishing this month due to work commitments. Just one session on 12 January at Beechwood where I caught some nice Roach and despite the chilly weather and clear water conditions, a small Carp on good old red maggots.

Another sparse month of vintage fishing so following from last months blog, here’s some more information about other baits and flavourings to add to your bait.

Fruit: Most fruits; Banana, Apple, Elderberry, Blackberry have been used to catch fish, it is a good idea to see if anything like elderberries are growing by the water, which is a good indication that fish will be eating these as the fall into the water.

Slugs/Snails: The bait for large Chub and ideal when stalking for Chub usually best fished free line, (just using the Slug or Snail on the hook, no weights or float).

Unusual baits: Cheese, chocolate, potato, crisps, shellfish, nuts, the list is almost endless, strong flavours or smells or bright colours, they are all highly attractive to fish so give them a try.

Cocktails: A mixture of baits on the hook, if bites are not coming using conventional baits then it is worth giving a cocktail a try, this can result in more bites or even tempting that elusive bigger fish. Common cocktails are worm and caster, maggot and sweetcorn or worm and maggot; it’s just a case of having a go.

Curry powder and Turmeric are also great additives if you want to try a spicy mix for carp and if roach are your number one target, track down some powered coriander.


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