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April showers...

Back to Mill Dam on 6 April on a sunny day with temperatures in the mid teens and a few hours in the afternoon saw me land a few Roach and Rudd on mixed maggots.

On 10 April I was at Springwood and it was a warm day with just one rain shower, I landed a nice 3lb Carp on float fished sweetcorn and some Ide and Roach on mixed maggots.

Back at Mill Dam on 17 April under cloudy skies and 12 degrees and although it was quite busy with anglers the fish were feeding and I had several Roach and Rudd on mixed maggots with some hemp and sweetcorn groundbait.

Up to Longford on 23 April again float fishing mixed maggots and I landed plenty of Roach, Rudd and Bream and a small Carp, all float fished on sweetcorn.

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