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Back with the Earl

Ducklings at Mill Dam.

On 5 April I was at Beechwood Fisheries for the first session of the month, fishing on mixed maggots and bread, catching plenty of Roach of all sizes on the maggots and a few on bread. A really nice spring day, sunny with some cloud and a light wind, with temperatures reaching 14 degrees and the last cast of the day led to a nice, fat Carp of around 5 pounds.

On the 19 April, Earl annual ticket in hand I was back at Mill Dam for the first time this year…and blanked! However, I didn’t feel too bad as the other angler on the water who'd been there since early morning and moved pegs a few times also blanked. Not even my dead maggots, sweetcorn or bread could tempt the Silvers to feed, I didn’t even see any fish topping or get any knocks; maybe some hemp would have done the trick. It was a nice day though with temperatures in the low teens, some ducklings reminded me that summer is just around the corner, even though weather conditions this April have been very changeable. This time last year, April was reaching the mid-teens regularly and I did well at Mill Dam, so hopefully the temperatures will rise soon and I’ll get more opportunities to wet a line in May.

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