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Below the lock at Stenson Bubble

Encouraged by my visit to Stenson Bubble the week before, seeing all the fish activity during a Pike fishing session, I went back on 2 April armed with a pint of maggots. I set up my Redmayne & Todd rod, Ambidex 2 reel, waggler and 4lb line. I loose fed some mixed maggots as I set up and noticed fish activity almost straight away. A Perch was the first fish of the session, followed steadily throughout the day by plenty of Roach and Skimmers. The best session of the year so far, a flask of tea, sunshine, temperatures in the mid teens and plenty of fish...what more could you ask for on your day off!

On Easter Monday, 17 April I took my Nephew fishing at Kilburn Lake, he lives nearby and we hadn't been for a while. Several other anglers were spread around the lake so we chose two pegs on the south bank and float fished red maggots in the margins. We were soon into the Roach and after fishing the margins for a while with my recently purchased Alcocks Delamtic MkII reel and Daiwa rod, I fished a few rod lengths out. A few more Roach and then I hooked into something much bigger! About 15 minutes later my Nephew slipped the landing net under a nice Common Carp which weighed in at just over 7lb. We fished through the afternoon and my Nephew caught more Roach and had a few hook pulls from something bigger. The weather was a little chilly after the warn weather we've had lately with temperatures about 10 degrees along with an occasional cool breeze, but at least we didn't get any rain.

24 April was a typical April day, temperatures around 12 degrees with a nice breeze, wind, light rain, heavy showers, cloud, clear skies, sunshine, umbrella up, umbrella down, sweater off, sweater on! As the ground was drying out I went back to Woodrows after a long gap and float fished red maggots on a size 14 hook over bread crumb, dead reds and sweetcorn groundbait. The Perch showed up first, then the Skimmers and I caught steadily all day. A really peaceful day as I had the place to myself apart from the Carp jumping in the margins, Ducks, Coots, Rabbits and mating Canada Geese!

Fishing the margins at Woodrows

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