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Last cast of the year.

I'd not fished since my holiday in September and after the festive indulgences of Christmas I was ready for a few hours out on the bank. On the last day of the year I went to Willington with half a pint of maggots and a tub of worms to see what I could catch. It's a stretch of canal which usually fishes well all year round so I was fairly hopeful! I set up a cane rod and centre pin reel and float fished close in and then after not getting any bites, further out. I saw plenty of signs of fish including a few fish topping, although these fish were near the far bank.

I changed my hook bait from worm to maggots and back to worm and I decided to change tactics after not getting so much as a nibble. I'd brought my recently purchased Mitchell Match along and I set it up with a heavier float to cast nearer the far bank. It wasn't long before my float went under and after a short fight I was rewarded with my last fish of 2017 and I'm pretty sure is my PB Perch (although I didn't have my scales).

Just looking back at my 'To Do' list for 2017, I went Pike fishing, albeit just the once and I'm more experienced and confident using a centre pin reel. However, I didn't get round to filming any sessions and although I caught my PB Carp I didn't do much Carp fishing. My plans then for 2018? More of the same and fish some venues I haven't been before, including Buzzards Valley and Moira Furnace. Happy new year all and tight lines for 2018.

Here's a video of some Retro Angler, fishing highlights from 2017...

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