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Here's a nice job lot...

Due to increasing my work hours and other commitments, I haven't managed to get out on the bank this month, so I thought I'd share some images of a job lot of tackle I bought from a local auction house.

This old wooden float box looked hand made and had seen better days. The hinges and catch were in good working order after some TLC and it came with a nice collection of old floats. I cleaned and sanded the box and gave it a coat of varnish and put in some new float foam.

An unnamed reel and a British made, Strike Right Aduraflo De Luxe centre pin reel. I found out the Aduraflo De Lux had a line-guard as standard and were made of anodised high tensile marine aluminium alloy and stainless steel. They came in three sizes; 3 1/8 inches, 3 5/8 inches and 4 1/8 inches and were made in Hounslow, Middlesex, England.

The lot also included a collection of books. Some of the older books were published by Herbert Jenkins of London. The Fixed-Spool Reel by Peter Tombleson (1961), Coarse Fishing Baits Their Preparation & Use by Frank Oates (1958), Chub: How To Catch Them by Michael Shephard (1960) and Perch: How To Catch Them by Kenneth Mansfield (1961). Also River Angling in Yorkshire and The Park Drive Leisure Library - Match Fishing To Win by Billy Lane & Colin Graham from 1973. Another of the older books was Practical Angling Hints & Recipes by William H Lawrie (1946) and signed "J Renton, Sept 1943".

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