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New year's resolutions...

If you're going to break your new year's resolution, January is as good a month as any to do it! I told myself I would go fishing every month in 2019. Unfortunately, not being well and bad weather, blah blah blah meant it didn't happen.

On the bright side, another resolution for 2019 was to buy a vintage seat to replace the modern seat I've been using for the past few years. I regularly search for Efgeeco items for sale on the internet and I spotted a Pakaseat for sale. I've occasionally seen these ruck-sack/seats come up for sale on the internet. They were part of the "combination seats and tackle carriers" range including the Standard Major, which I see for sale regularly online and also the Sea-Seat.

The Pakaseat is described in the advert as a "completely new design of combined seat and haversack developed after careful research and testing. It offers the angler perfect comfort while fishing and at the same time provides a roomy haversack." There is also webbing for carrying a keep net. The rucksack part has plenty of space for tackle and the one I've bought is in excellent condition and has been looked after over the years. I can't wait to get out on the bank for the first time this year and give it a go.

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