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First fish of the year...

After three months of 2019 without fishing, I finally managed to wet a line, my New Year's resolution royally broken! During the Easter weekend I headed to local Birch House Fishery. The day was bright, warm and sunny, one of the first of the year. Temperatures reaching 56 degrees around midday and the barometric pressure was 1033, which after the recent cold days felt very warm.

As it was a Bank Holiday, and quite busy, I headed for Teal Lake, the furthest from the entrance and mostly Silvers. I fished a 13' unnamed fibreglass 3 piece rod with an Intrepid Classic reel, 3lb line, a quill float to start then a small waggler. Using mixed maggots for bait my first fish of 2019 was a welcome Roach. I landed a some small Perch, then more Roach and also a few Skimmers.

Here's a video of the day.

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