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First cast and first fish of 2021

What a great start to 2021. My first session of the year was back at B Jay's Fishery, where I fished for my last few sessions of 2020. I cast out my line to plumb the float and when I reeled in I though I'd got snagged on something. Then my line spooled off and I realised I'd hooked a fish!

There wasn't any bait on the hook, and I could tell by the way the fish was fighting I'd foul hooked it. After some toing and froing just in front of me and a few attempts to slip the net under the fish I managed to land this lovely scaled Mirror Carp. All be it a bit of a fluke!

I didn't weigh the fish and I had a cup of tea to recover after returning it to the chilly water. Then I plumbed up again and fished red maggots until mid-afternoon catching Roach and Ide.

"Angling is a refuge from competitiveness, from rat-racing, from status-seeking. So let it remain." Bernard Venables


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