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More studying to be quiet

Early April, spring has settled in, the flora and fauna are waking up and I hope the Carp at Heatherton Pond would be waking up too. The day was my first opportunity to fish the Army & Navy 'Don' 10' split cane rod which I paired with a Mitchel 410 reel.

To begin with, I float-fished maggots on a size 12 hook, hoping to attract some of the small Carp and Rudd. Then I moved on to worm, sweetcorn, and bread, but without success. After changing to a bottom bait of a Spicey Shrimp boilie, and casting the bait to different spots to find a fish, I saw some fish show to my left, but they were out of casting range, and the day passed without a bite.

The weather was fair, with a south-easterly, 102 hPa and after a chilly start, the temperatures reached 15 degrees centigrade. When I arrived I talked with two other anglers who had night-fished pegs 3 and 4 - I fished peg 4 - and between them landed 3 Carp from 8lb to 23lb. I was float fishing quite close in and the swans visited me several times and cleaned up all my ground bait which was why I decided to fish further out on the bottom. Maybe next time.

Ey up piscators, in this video I’m fishing a 10’ Army & Navy “Don” split cane rod & Golden Green fiberglass carp rod, with Abu Cardinal 157 reels at Heatherton Pond, Derby on a spring day in March.


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