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EoH Charity Fancy Dress Match

I was working on the first day of the season and hadn't wet a line for a few weeks so on the evening of the 16 June I went down to Stenson Bubble and had a really pleasant but short season catching Silvers until dusk.

The weather was perfect on 24 June at Allestree Lake for the Annual Earl of Harrington's Charity Fancy Dress Match. This year I dressed as a cat burglar complete with swag bag and toy cat...get it? Cat burglar! I drew a peg on the dam not far from where I fished last year's match and I was hoping to catch more than the one Perch I caught last year. After throwing out a few balls of groundbait I set up and float fished red maggots and it wasn't long before I was catching small Perch. I lost a few fish as I unhooked them and even forgot I had a keep net a few times and put some fish back in the lake!! By early afternoon I'd caught a good few perch and some Roach and then it went quiet. After an hour or so of not catching anything and changing swims I hooked into what I first thought was a Bream and it wasn't until a short fight and the fish was near the net I realised I'd caught a Tench. At the weigh-in I'd managed 3.7lb and I came in 4th which I was pleasantly surprised with. I'm looking forward to next year and hoping to do even better.

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