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So warm, so beautiful withal...

Fishing in 2022 began at B Jay's Fishery, where I'd fished my final session of 2021, and it was a chilly, cloudy afternoon with a few light showers. With some maggots from the freezer, I setup my Match 13 rod and Mitchell 410 reel on peg 3. After a good while trying to find the fish, the only other angler there, told me he'd not caught anything on the bottom and he'd started to catch a few inches up in the water.

The small lake is only three feet deep where I was fishing and I moved my float a floats-length down the line towards the hook and cast just beyond my rod tip. After just a few casts I landed the first fish of the year, a small Roach Just a few more followed as the light faded into dusk and as the rain had stopped I decided to call it a day.

One of the highlights of the session was being joined by a wren who perched on my landing net just to my left. I'm no expert twitcher, however, I do know wrens aren't known for their boldness, unlike robins, who often come close to anglers for maggots. The wren chirped at me as though asking for maggots. I dropped a few next to my foot and was delighted when it bobbed across from my net, took a maggot and flew away. A wonderful sight. The title of this months' blog is from the poem, A Wren's Nest by William Wordsworth.


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