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Autumn Tench and Perch

Back at Woodrows on 1 October and although it was a nice few hours fishing I didn’t catch anything. On 9 October I went on the canal at Willington and the temperatures were in the mid teens. It was a really nice afternoon and I landed some Perch, one of which was 11 inches long and a Bream on red maggot and worm.

Back at Willington on 14 October, I’m really enjoying the canal now and getting the hang of the different depths and managing to find the fish, loads of Perch on this occasion, again on worms.

Geoff and I fished The Coopers Arms on 15 October and after a very quiet start for everyone fishing, I landed some Perch, Roach and a small Chub just after a heavy rain shower.

On 22 October I was at Longford for a few hours and caught Three Tench about 1½lb and some descent Roach, all on worm which I’ve used a lot lately. I took my nephew to Longford on 29 October and he was chuffed with his first Tench and I caught some Tench too and a small Carp.

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