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An unseasonably warm October

My brother works for an auctioneer and occasionally comes across lots of old fishing tackle. This 10’ whole cane rod has snake-style line rings and a tip ring suggesting it may have been used as a fly rod originally.

On this session at Woodrow’s Pond, I paired the rod with an Ambidex 2 reel, float-fishing red maggots and worms.

A westerly breeze was keeping me cool in the unseasonal warm October weather. It wasn’t long before I was into the Perch as the early autumn sun moved steadily into the afternoon.

Several more Perch followed and I decided to freeline a worm for the last hour of the day to see if I could catch a Tench, however only the Perch took my bait, and as I was lucky enough to have the place to myself I was happy with my fish and having a peaceful days fishing.

The afternoon sun setting on an early autumn day catching a swagger of Perch.

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