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First Barbel & F1

A vintage ad for Lucky Lures which was also used by Pacific Alaska Airways.

I blanked yet again at Springwood on 3 November but had a nice few hours at Mill Dam on 6 November and caught some Perch, one of which was nearly a pound, the biggest I’ve landed there. The weather was mostly rain but it was very mild.

Back at Beechwood on 10 November I did pretty well under very mild conditions and caught several Perch, a few Roach and two Carp of about 4lb each.

A friend took me to fish the Bridge Inn Pond on 19 November and although it threw it down for most of the day I caught my first three Barbel and F1 all on reds.

I thought I’d try Allestree Park Lake on 26 November and use a swim feeder but I didn’t catch anything and didn’t see any activity on the flat, calm lake with very mild air temperature. Although I did see some small fishing topping as I left, typical! I enjoyed it thought and found a nice flat peg.

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