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Carry on camping?

With all the hot weather this summer I started looking online for a tent and thought about a camping and fishing trip. First, I bought this forest green two person tent with khaki trim. I spent the night in the tent the first weekend after it was delivered. It was the first night I'd spent under canvas for nearly years.

Just after buying the tent online I saw this vintage British made 'Safari' canvas camp bed for sale locally. I collected it on the way home from work before the tent was delivered. I paid a fiver for the camp bed but I've seen them online for sale for between £40-£60. These camp beds were apparently used by the R.A.F.

Once I'd spent the night under canvas on my vintage camp bed, which was very comfortable, I needed some sustenance. My next online purchase was two aluminium mess tins and a toast rack for a gas camping stove. Of course, once I'd eaten from my mess tins and toast rack, I'd need liquid refreshment. Then I bought a WW2 G.I. style stainless steel water bottle, complete with cup and cover.

I remember having loads of camping and outdoors bits and bobs as a teenage which has sadly got lost over the years of moving. All I need to do now is get out of the back garden and find time for that camping and fishing trip.

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