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November rain

My first session this month and the first for nine weeks, was a blank at one of the Earl of Harrington waters. I fished Woodrow's Pond on a sunny but fresh, Saturday afternoon. I set up a 10' Carp rod and Mitchell 300 reel with some sweetcorn on a running lead. There were some fish topping and even a few jumping, although nowhere near my swim. I wasn't too bothered about blanking as I hadn't fished since my holiday in August, and no-one else was catching either!

A moody looking Woodrow's Pond.

My next session was on Lake 1 at Robin Wood Fishery. Gudgeon, Roach, Ide and Skimmers were landed with my 13' unnamed fiberglass float rod and Mitchell 300 reel with red maggot on the hook. I fished from late morning to mid-afternoon and even heard a Tawney owl calling in the woods as I packed away.

This Skimmer thought he was a Carp, it jumped out the water once hooked which I've never seen before!

I blanked during a short session back at Robin Wood this time on Lake 3. I just used one 10' Carp rod and ledgered a boilie over some crumb and pellets. A bright, windy day and in hindsight I should have followed the wind and fished further down the lake.

The final session of the month was another blank, ledger fishing again, this time at Mill Dam in the pouring rain. I fished a nine and a half foot Daiwa ledger rod and Cardinal 654GT reel with some fake corn on a hair-rig. Not as successful as I'd have liked, I think I need some practice fishing those bottom baits.

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