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September by the Staithe

September didn't start as well as August finished! Full of great expectations, I went to Woodrow's on the Earl of Harrington ticket, equipped with a 9½ foot, Billy Lane swing-tip rod and original Mitchell 300 reel, along with sweetcorn and luncheon meat for bait. It was a lovely sunny day, one of those hazy late summers days. I baited up and cast out just off a lily bed to my right, and waited. Fish were topping and jumping allover the lake and I had fish in my swim.

The piscator on the next peg showed me pictures of fish he'd caught the week before. Today, he was catching Roach, Perch and Skimmers on float-fished red maggots. And, after fetching his brand new 11 foot float rod and extolling its virtues, he went back to his catching. I float-fished, fished on the surface, cast, recast and waited, but nothing was interested in my bait. Suffice to say, I blanked. But it was a nice day to blank!

September is when we go on holiday for a week as the schools have gone back and it's much quieter!


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